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Reverse Engineering

If you are a manufacturer or a plant owner want to use similar machine or equipment after it’s designed life is over then reverse engineering is the solution for you to remanufacturer and replace the parts or a entire machine with the exact original design and functioning.

Enabling our engineering clients to restore obsolete design data, our reverse engineering services provide digital design information for the products to remain competitive in the market. Our close collaboration with client’s design team provides opportunities to explore alternative concepts or revamp existing ones, fueling innovation during product development process.

MUK Technologies advanced reverse engineering services help you get detailed 3D models from physical parts of any product or equipment, so that you can utilize them to improvise design while keeping manufacturability and the development process in mind.

Advantages Of Outsourcing To MUK Technologies

  • Skilled engineers to work on your projects quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Get a comprehensive insight into competitor’s products.
  • Analyze your products and their parts in detail to develop the most efficient development plan.
  • Check the scope of design optimization.
  • Develop comprehensive product documentation and modifiable 3D models catering to modern manufacturing standards.
  • Reduce product development cost by analyzing the design digitally (FEA analysis).
  • Get the real feel of product design by having a actual prototype with the help of 3D printing/Rapid prototyping and this way minimize the time to market with faster testing optimized development process.
  • Enhance agility of your organization towards market trends and consumer requirements.
  • Increase focus on product feature enhancement while our skilled resources create the 3D model and engineering drawings.

Our Reverse Engineering Process Includes

The accuracy or the desired results of reverse engineering projects depends on the process followed for different parts of the product. MUK has expertize in building engineering drawings, 3D and 2D models, design analysis & optimization, rapid prototyping and digitization which is a clear distinction over other reverse engineering companies.

  • Detailed dimensional/geometric analysis
  • Structural analysis in terms of Material and surface treatment
  • Analysis of Electronic and Electrical system
  • Data digitalization (3D modeling & drafting)
  • Design check for it’s compatibility for the manufacturing processes
  • Design simulation and optimization, if required.
  • D-FMEA
  • Overall Quality inspection & documentation
  • Prototyping (3D printing or machining)

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