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3D Printing Machine

MUK Technologies is having a fleet of 3D printers ranging from a build volume of 200 x 200x 200mm3 to 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm3. The machines we have in our 3D printing labs are highly professional and reliable. They are cutting-edge 3D printers that can run a wide range of materials and can build small intricate shapes as well as large complex products which allow us to create products from concept models, functional prototypes, end-use parts, art, craft, custom gifts, etc

The Unique Features Of Our Machines

MUK Technologies is not just a another online 3D printing service provider. We are committed to collaborate with our customers to find the best design, material and 3D printing process to fit your needs. We will pick the production plan that suits you best. In case you have problems in 3D designing or need help with your CAD designs, we will provide you with solid modelling and CAD designing services as well.

  • Single or Dual nozzle
  • 0.1mm -0.4mm layer resolution
  • Aluminum heat bed
  • Powder coated sheet metal frame
  • Assisted bed leveling
  • Filament diameter of 1.75mm

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